No Credit Card Fees

No Amendment Charges

Airport Desk

No Minibus Transfer


Q. What's included?
A. Our rates include the following:

  • Collision Damage Waiver (zero excess)
  • Licenses and Fees 
  • Airport Desk Service - NO Minibus Shuttle  
  • Cars actually 'on site' at the Airport
  • Island Map
  • Driver's Guide
  • Tourism Information Wallet

Q. What's not included?
A. Additional services and rates:

  • Baby / Child Seat(s)
    - £5 per day each / max £35 (advance reservation required)
  • Booster Seat(s).
    - £3 per day each / max £21 (advance reservation required)
  • Additional Driver(s).
    - £5 per day each
  • Personal Accident Cover (PAC)
    - £1 per day.
  • Sat Nav
    - £10 per day each / max £70
  • Fuel charges

Q. What's the maximum period of rental?
A. There is no minimum or maximum rental period. Rental periods
of less than 24 hours are charged at the applicable 1 day rate.
We do however allow a 3 hour "grace period" before an extra day's
charge is made. If you wish to extend the rental period after collection
of the car, or if you return the car late, you will be charged the relevant rate.

Q. What are the age restrictions?
A. Restrictions vary and are displayed clearly when choice of vehicles is presented when booking

Q. Are fuel charges included?
Fuel charges are not included in our rates.
All vehicles are supplied with half a tank of fuel on collection.
From previous hirers’ mileage records, the type of car and
length of rental we are able to fairly estimate the amount of fuel
you are likely to need. You will be therefore be charged at local rates
a set amount for up to a maximum of half a tank of fuel.
You are not required to refuel before returning the vehicle.

Q. Will I get my choice of vehicle?
A. Whilst we note your preference of vehicle type which
we will endeavour to supply we cannot guarantee a particular
make or model of car. You may be given an alternative
similar or upgrade car at no extra cost.

Q. Will I need to bring my driving licence?
A. To hire a car in the islands it is imperative that you remember to
bring your original driving licence. If as well as your new photo card licence you
still have your paper document please bring it with you.
If you have any serious endorsements on your licence
this may affect your right to hire and therefore
we suggest that you check with us in advance.

Q. Can I take the vehicle off the island?
A. It is not possible to take rental vehicles off the island.