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Driving information


STOP AND NO WAITING LINES A wide yellow line painted transversely across the exit of a minor road means STOP and give way to traffic on the major road. A yellow arrow painted on the road gives warning of a wide yellow line ahead. A single yellow line painted along the roadside means that vehicles can neither park, wait nor be left unattended at ANY time.
 FILTER IN TURN Some junctions have FILTER IN TURN on a sign and painted on the road. Approach them with care. At these junctions traffic from all directions has EQUAL PRIORITY. You must only enter the the junction IN TURN with other vehicles. They are also box junctions, so you must not enter the box unless your exit is clear. 
MAXIMUM SPEED The maximum speed in the island is 35 mph (56 kph). There are lower speed limits in country villages and built up areas. In and around the main town, St.Peter Port, the speed limit is 25mph (40 kph). Remember, however, that these are maximum speed limits, not recommended speeds, and in many places lower speeds are necessary for safe driving.
   TRAFFIC LIGHTS Some traffic lights in the island change from RED to GREEN with NO AMBER in between.
DRINKING / DRUGS & DRIVING To avoid fines, penalty charges and / or driving disqualification DO NOT DRIVE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL AND / OR DRUGS. Beware, random checks are frequent. 
   MOBILE PHONES To avoid fines or penalty charges DO NOT HOLD OR USE A MOBILE PHONE WHILST DRIVING. Please pull over in a safe parking area PRIOR TO making or receiving a call.
SEAT BELT(S) The driver and ALL passengers (including rear seat adults and children) must fasten their seat belt(s) prior to commencing any journey.
CHILD / BOOSTER SEAT(S) It is ultimately the hirers responsibility to check that any child, baby or booster
seat(s) supplied by Value Rent a Car is / are fitted correctly and entirely to the hirer's satisfaction before using the rental vehicle. Value Rent a Car will not accept liability for any injury arising from child, baby or booster seats being fitted improperly.
ACCIDENTS In the event of an accident -
STOP and DO NOT move the car - DO NOT admit liability and call the police and Value Rent a Car IMMEDIATELY.
IT IS IMPORTANT that you obtain details of the third party involved -  full name, address, home / work / mobile telephone number(s), vehicle type & registration number, insurance company and policy number details.



BEACHES & HEADLANDS DO NOT drive the vehicle onto any slipway / beach or  headland or area that does not have access via a designated public road. If you do and any damage is caused to the vehicle whilst in your custody you will NOT BE INSURED and WILL be liable for up to the full replacement value of the vehicle together with any vehicle recovery charges. 
  PLEASE TAKE CARE We want your driving experience in the island to be a happy one. Many roads are narrow with high hedges and / or granite walls. You must be prepared to meet horses, cattle, cyclists, pedestrians, dog walkers and of course other drivers who may be as lost as you!  Most, but not all junctions are signposted and whilst at some junctions there may be convex mirrors to help motorists, please remember they may make vehicles look further away than they actually are and visibilty may still be very poor. Please take care at all times and drive courteously. Thank you.